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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kasab Hanged- There's nothing to rejoice about it

It was very saddening to see my frenzied fellow countrymen celebrating a person’s death yesterday, no matter that the person was a terrorist. This, I believe, is not our value system. Yesterday evening one of the radio stations was broadcasting a story (supposed to be humorous) in which it named a dog as Kasab. I consider it disgusting and not humorous.

Although, in principle I am against capital punishment, Kasab’s hanging for me was a routine legal activity for the heinous crime he had committed. And, I do not consider it as avenging the death of our slain soldiers. I carry a very high regard for our soldiers who fought to protect Mumbai from these terrorists. Had Zaki Ur Rehman Lakhwi been killed or captured, I would have considered it as a big step in our fight against terrorism.

Kasab was a kid who lived in poverty. He was brainwashed by radical Islamists and lured using money into the game of death. I consider him to be a victim of the system which could not give him proper upbringing and opportunity. We have many such similar cases here in India as well.

I personally feel that he could have been reformed and could have been presented as an example to the world. He could have been an example for all those misguided youth of the world who have taken up arms considering terrorism to be a holy war.

All this could not happen. Still, I believe we should not be rejoicing the death of a misguided youth. Here I find something that Gandhiji quoted as a perfect fit in the situation, I quote him: - “Hate the crime not the criminal”!!