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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Abuse me:- Its Sad but True!!

You are free to abuse me for this, but, I have a few points to make after listening to so many people during these days...

1) Women say they do not wish to be seen as sex objects: - I say women should stop projecting themselves as sex objects (Look i have said nothing about clothes, you can say so). But, the moment they show me their legs and curves, frankly speaking, I will see them as a sex object. I will of course not rape them, but, that’s only my case! Now, kindly do not tell me about the women in my family. I am conditioned enough not to look at them that way.
2) This is about the 18 year old who has been accused in this case. People have started discussing on the age to declare a person as juvenile. I ask, what has the society given to that 18 year old? He would have himself been born to abuses and brought up with abuses. His life itself would have been an abuse. He himself has been a victim of rape by society. I can still understand a 25 year old understanding the rule/fear of Law. I have serious doubts about a 18 year old being able to understand the rule/fear of law, especially one having lived such a life.
3) I still have my belief in humanity and am sure that at least one of them would have stopped the main accused while he was assaulting the woman in such a barbaric/inhuman manner.

Let the course of law prevail and let us not have a media trial to pressurize the government so that it acts in haste. I believe that the law will take its own course as it took in the case of Kasab who committed a no lesser crime.

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