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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Politician or Citizen

I was there for a day at Jantar Mantar while Anna Hazare was fasting for the Jan-Lokpal bill. It was a great sight to see so many enthusiasts who wish to be a part of the change movement. There were young and old people, professionals, students, housewives, schoolchildren, people who worshipped the country as Bharat Mata, comrades who consider the constitution as toilet paper etc, all were there with their own ideas. I do not think that all of them understood the meaning of Jan Lokpal, but, all of them were fed up of curruption in the country. All needed change!

While fasting Anna gave innumerable speeches. I got confused with this statement which he repeated in almost all his speeches. He said" Politicians should remember that on 26 January 1950 the power was transferred to the citizens of the country and politicians are there to serve the citizens of the country". I found this statement to be self contradictory. Aren't politicians citizens of the country? So, should they be adressed with respect or abused as the people were doing there? I can understand people's uprising, but, that by no way this gives them the right to abuse politicians. I personally believe that politicians are more deserving and evolved citizens of the country as they take more responsibility in the system and do not run away by merely abusing people.

Further, if we abuse our politicians we abuse the complete institution of democracy. How can a politician bashing person have any respect for democracy, because politicians are pillars of democracy. And if, we do not have respect for the institution of democracy then no Lokpal or Jan Lokpal can be of any help to us.

Yes, we need change for the good. We need a better system to live in, a system which promotes people's participation and promotes the basics of human rights and human life. But, that by no way will come by abusing politicians. The politicians haven't let us down on many issues, we have failed as a society.

Finally, i feel that Lokpal is an important institution for fighting corruption in India. But, bringing the Prime Minister in its ambit is disrespect to the chair of the Prime Minister. I believe that the day we get a Prime Minister who is not committed to the nation, we will all be dead and the nation will disintegrate. Policing the Prime Minister might also be required,but, let us leave it for the parliament and the opposition parties to check the Prime Minister. In all good faith, let me believe that most of us have faith in democracy and will refrain from abusing Politicians.

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