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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Request to the people of Delhi

It’s the evening when election gets over in Delhi. This election campaign has been very different where the person who rose to fame throwing mud as others is being considered as the victim of mudslinging and negative politics. He says that negative politics is being played against him; I do not remember a single instance when he played positive politics. I always remember him accusing others. He has always considered him “holier than thou”.
I have many friends who are very educated, live abroad and have sympathies with him but I have my reservations. I do not want anyone to win Delhi elections just for the sake of sympathy. I want someone with proven credentials to come to power in Delhi. Many people cry foul and support him saying that BJP is using all its might to suppress an ordinary person like him. I say that all parties including Congress see this as an opportunity to defame BJP and undermine the leadership of NaMo. I wish that their dangerous designs do not succeed.
Kindly do not see him as a victim, see that he is taking advantage of the situation. Everyone in politics has a background and credentials to support. He does not have any; he’s just a puppet in the hands of many powers which do not want to surface. I do not know if he’s ignorant or wishes to ignore it.
I just want to say that the he has allegiance with Arundhati Roy and Binayak Sen, these are people who do not believe in Democracy as an institution. He has association with Mr SAS Gilani who is a separatist and does not believe in Democracy. One of his founder members, Prashant Bhushan, has suggested plebiscite in J&K which is against the national stand. He fought election against NaMo just to garner Muslim votes which he was successful in garnering.
All nationalists, kindly be careful when you vote for Delhi. Its not about emotion, its about the state which has the National Capital Territory. We can have experiments outside the NCR, we cannot risk NCR. Kindly vote and vote Sensibly!
In all references “He” points towards Mr Arvind Kejriwal.

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