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Monday, September 27, 2010

A few Questions...

Confusion was created for a few days after a heated discussion with a friend(Patro) who outrightly rejected my idea of "Economic Terrorism". I thought it would be better for me to ask some basic questions. It so happens that with all this education and upbringing we start believeing in somethings as if they were axioms of life. When such things prove to be false,they drastically change our thought process. Let us ask ourselves a few questions:
Who owns the land in and around a specific region?

Is it of the government or of the community, or do we believe that the government is actually the reflection of the community ?

If so,how can the government subidise land for creation of a SEZ with the local community not getting any short term benefit?

If this has happened,why is there disparity in our country?

Why is a Pilot paid more than a bus driver(a very old question)?

As they are not paid equally,did the person who became a driver get an equal opportunity to be trained as a pilot compared to the person who became a Pilot?

If not, how is different pay justified?

Is it not ironical that government sends a poorly paid soldier to fight all rebels(of all forms) to protect the interest and money of the rich?

How does the money belong only to the rich as the land using which the wealth has been generated equally belongs to a poor man?

Let us consider this case. I, with my parents, visit a nearby Udupi restaurant for breakfast almost on all week ends. There is an unorganised parking place place in front of the restaurant. Whenever we go there, the security guard  there(who has only been given permission to be there and is not employed) takes care of our car. While leaving the parking my father gives him a five rupee coin as tip. This is the way he earns,this is his demand.On the other hand,any organised parking in the city has a minimum charge of Rs 10.

Thus, my question is.Can we apply the supply demand economics at the above mentioned security gaurd's level(we show economic system problems while distributing free food to poor as advised by SC)?
Has he got the opportunity to create his demand?
Will such people have to suffer till the time we completely organise our economy(it may take generations)?
Even in a completely organised economy,does availability of equal opportunity exist?
Do we have a system to give opportunity to our people or its just that a lucky person gets an opportunity to develop himself?
If such is the case,what is the "Importance of India/nation/system" for a man deprived of opportunity?

At last, if we do not provide him equal opportunity,what moral right do we have to ask such man to abide by the law of the land?


  1. Good questions!

    I'll sum those as

    1. An individual's need vs a Groups need
    2. A Group of "Greedy" people in group vs an individual (who is part of the group or smaller group)

    What I see is that Human's (or mind to be exact) see that resources are limited (wants are unlimited, means are unlimited); so some/most greedy individuals "Grouped" (in the name of Nation, Culture, Religion, Sect, Gender, etc...) to take away the resources from other "Groups"

    What You want As a Rightist is to have Equal opportunity, but the greedy people (including you and me) will not want to share the 'limited' resources.

    And This is the era of "Financial Slavery" gone are the days of Physical Slavery which was very bothersome.

    Financial Slavery:
    Make a thing called money, and keep giving importance to it. make everybody crazy about money. Then make everybody do whatever for MONEY!

    Now just see, The Greedy/Powerful people want to take away the money/resources to make that person a slave.

    And Laws are created by these GREEDY/POWERFUL people/countries (why do we have VETO countries then?) to exploit and make them slaves. Why do you think the Varna system (Brahmana, Vaishya, Kshatriya, Sudra) was created? was it to exploit the humans in the name of 'Birth'... Though The actual use of varna system was tell people, that those who were "Thoughtful and inclined toward learning" were brahmana; like wise it was based on "Inclination" towards work but "Cunning Greedy Powerful Hindus" modified it to exploit humans based on "Birth"

    You are intelligent, I don't need to elaborate more on that.

    1. It is always about resources
    2. Big group vs small group
    3. group vs individual

    what do you say?
    1. Society/Country/Nation/Laws

  2. Thanks Nithya for the comment! I agree with you in principle. Some points that i would like to make here are:-

    I agree that it is always about resources.But, the level of resources here should have changed. If our civilization has developed, then the resources that we are fighting for should not be the resources of mere survival like food,water,air and land. They should be resources of a good living.Resources could be ideologies or other finer abilities of humans. Else, we are still in the stone age!

    Another point is that intelligent people should also understand that if they do not share their resources, they will invite trouble for themselves. We are witnessing this in the Maoist belt of our country.

    I agree on the Varna system,but,we will have to evolve something new as reviving the varna system again is almost impossible.

    I consider money to be an instrument(like a weapon) which can be used both for creating as well as destroying. For colonizing or for liberating,for protecting or for killing. Thus,its only an instrument.Its the Human that matters.

    On your point about groups,individuals,society,country,nation,laws.
    In my opinion-

    Every Individual is basically a good person until he feels afraid for his life and life supporting resources. Initially,he formed groups for security.Later one group threatened others for resources. They fought each other. With evolution, these groups started becoming bigger and bigger which became countries/kingdoms. All people who were under a similar set of rules/laws were one country.
    Thus, when today we are streamlining laws all over the world,we should approach towards "Vasudheva Kutumbakam".

    Will surely elaborate and present my views later. Your comments re welcome!

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