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Friday, September 24, 2010

The interesting aspect-Ayodhya Verdict

Very briefly, i would like to bring out some points from the Ayodhya Verdict. The judges of the bench are:-

1) Justice DV Sharma
2) Justice SU Khan
3) Justice Sudhir Aggarwal

The decision will be in the favour of the party which is favoured by at least two judges. Thus, the combinations could be 3-0,2-1,1-2 and 0-3 for winning or losing the case.
The government is very cautious and vigilant at this point of time because it feels, resentment due to losing the case could fuel violence. I do not think so.

I feel,the major reason for violence, in case it breaks out, will not be resentment caused because of losing the case. Instead, violence could erupt because of humiliation which might be faced by the losers of the case as they see the winners in jubilation.

Although,all parties have also urged its members not to show any form of jubilation on winning the case. I find it inevitable to avoid rejoicing. Rejoicing might not be organised, but, i feel even individual rejoicing even in the form of sentiment is enough to fuel violence. Government should seriously look at this aspect.

The Interesting Aspect !

The most interesting aspect of the verdict would be if the judgement comes in favour of the Hindus. And, the winning combination is such that both the Hindu judges give judgement in favour of the Hindus and the Muslim judge decides in favour of the Muslims.

It will be interesting to look at the reactions. It would indeed be a test of our belief on our Judiciary.

Lets,Wait and Watch!!


  1. Good point on the Interesting Aspect.

    I think this whole issue doesn't have the national level relevance it used to. The basic court case has existed since 19th century, and the issue is of course much older than that. But it was the BJP that brought it to prominence and used it to get mindshare among the Hindus of the nation. Now the BJP has moved on. Having spent many years in power facing the practicalities of politics and governance, they had to abandon their extreme right wing stance for a more secular middle-road approach.

    Whatever the verdict, there will be many political parties and others who will want to use this to further their own end. Even if the major parties and bodies control their members, the medium & small bodies are going to be hard to rein in. I expect that most of any violence that erupts will come from there.

  2. I agree Vamsi. Even if violence erupts,it won't last long!

  3. Actually, another interesting aspect came up. If the court feels that neither of the parties have enough evidence to prove that the disputed land is their.
    The court might give the land to the government. This will increase trouble for the government,specially because Congress is ruling!!