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Monday, January 31, 2011

Doing Nothing Roxx!!

A friend of mine had quit his job and was, supposedly, preparing for civil services about three years back. During this preparatory sabbatical, his parents once took him to a community function. The purpose of such community functions generally is to help people of the community find suitable matches for their sons and daughters. Simply speaking, girls and boys are put on display during such events, so was my friend. While on display, a lady came up to him and asked him the grand old million dollar question, "Son, what do you do"? She might have approached him considering him to be a prospective candidate for some girl in her family. The reply which my friend gave was although not unique, but, is not expected at such get-togethers. Foolishly, something very natural to him, he spoke the truth. He said "Nothing"! This reply shook my friend's parents to their core and in turn they turned his life into hell by abruptly ending his “preparatory sabbatical”. He used to stay with me in Delhi and prepare. Thus, he was also warned of serious consequences in case he kept any further contact with me.

I am also in a similar, not same though, situation these days. I am looking for a suitable job for myself. Suitable jobs and wives seem to be concepts of yester years only! These days, one needs to be a good manager instead. Initially, in this golden phase, when I used to wake up early in the morning and look at the clock, a sense of depression used to creep in for a moment, thinking that its time to wake up. The very next moment my mind used to ask itself. Where do you have to go today? The mind also used to itself reply very promptly, “Nowhere”! Ha Ha!! “Nothing to do, go and sleep”, this feeling used to fill me up with elation. Subsequently, I used to pull my blanket again and then used to sleep for as long as I wanted to sleep. I loved this part of the situation and still love it, but now, I uninterruptedly sleep for as long as I wish to sleep!

The relief of having no pressure to do anything brings happiness, but at the same time, the question, how to pass the day all alone brings in dismay. I "love and hate" the situation at the same time! Love and hate for having nothing to do and being alone for the rest of the day. Watching your flat mates rushing in order to get ready to go to office in the morning makes you happy for being in this state, but also, brings in the sadness of a desperate lonely housewife. Thankfully, I haven’t developed the habit of chit chatting with maids like many housewives do. Although, you have all the space and time for your self, but at times, it seems too much! You feel elated for having all the time in the world and sad for not having enough activities to pass the time.

This mental conflict of Love-Hate, Elation-Sadness helped me to understand the good old words of wisdom which i always knew (I am used to learning things the hard way), that, like a coin, life also has two aspects for every situation. It’s your attitude and perspective that matter and help you in having a peaceful and positive state of mind!

PS :- Title thanks Gtalk status of a friend a few years back. I hope you remember it friend!

Have you ever had a similar fire-freeze moment - an unforgettably magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Love/Hate? Elation/Sadness? Anger/Sympathy? The desire to move forward yet run away at the same time?

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  3. yaha hum se puchho.. I am so bored of the nothingness that I am wanna end it ... but gosh!!!

    koi nhi...

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