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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kissing Kashmir

The other day, i was watching a debate on the BJP's flag hoisting issue on TV,Prof Radha Kumar ( kashmir issue interlocutor) was also a part of the debate. Looking at her points and accent, it seemed as if Basanti from Sholey had been appointed the interlocutor for the Kashmir Issue. With due respect to her credentials, i did not find her points impressive at all.Although,it was for the first time that i was listening to her. During the debate, i was confused. My confusion was that despite being an ardent supporter of the fact that "Kashmir is an integral part of India", why was i not supporting the flag hoisting campaign? Kashmir is an integral part of India and every Indian has the right to hoist the flag in any part of the country as flag hoisting a matter of national pride. Still, was not ready to accept it in this case. My confusion was making me restless.

Later in the night,unable to sleep, i got the answer in terms of an analogy. I started comparing BJP's flag hoisting campaign to that of a husband's desperate attempt to kiss his estranged wife who is seeking divorce. On being opposed, the husband supports his move by saying that "kissing is a gesture of love"!! What a strange logic? Does this fit in the context and situation? I then understood that this was exactly my confusion, the logic given in support of the campaign that flag hoisting is a matter of national pride.
My only question is, despite kiss being a gesture of love, how does it help in saving the marriage in this case?


  1. Why would Kashmir be treated as wife rather than sibling? You are trying to say that the rest of the states were integral part while we married to this foreign land........the core assumption makes it vulnerable to open attacks........a spouse can always decide to leave.........right? At least the modern culture accepts so. The current situation readily reinforces this assumption but the solution to this problem would be to treat Kashmir like a sibling not like a wife..........You may argue that most times spouses get better treatment than siblings but in my opinion, the bond of siblings is much more stronger even when treated with denial.......just my thoughts!! Good post Atreya Boss!!


  2. Thanks for the comment Chotu! Even in the case of siblings,if you consider hugging as a gesture of love among siblings,it won't work when relations are strained.
    We should look forward for steps which improve our relations instead of going ahead with gimmiks!

  3. Who wants to take divorce??
    Are they really eligible to file divorce?
    Are they only eligible to decide divorce?
    Do the kashmir only belongs to Muslim kasmiris?
    Do the kashmir only belongs to kasmiris?

  4. Well said Mukesh. This is the only point that can be emphasized by this activity,but,still how does this help?? Don't we have hundreds of instances which prove minority/community appeasement by Congress government? Does any Indian understand this or is anyone bothered??
    In any case,this move will surely bring out the point that India does not belong to any one community.But,it will not help in resolving the problem.